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Cloud Proxy

Deploy a fully managed proxy instance in the cloud for your clients in several mouse clicks.

Why use Cloud Proxy?

Fully managed web filtering solution for your clients

Instant Deployment

Join the project, register your organization and start deploying the proxy in minutes. The only needed tool is your browser.

Fully Managed

Our support team will automatically deploy and manage an instance of the proxy server for you. No advanced admin skills are required. The proxy is automatically kept up-to-date with all security patches.

Minimal Efforts

Everyone with simple admin skills can now deploy a proxy instance. Administrative efforts for you as IT business owner is minimal. You can service more of your clients with no additional efforts from your side.

Based on Web Safety

Our proved and time-tested web filtering solution is used as cloud proxy nodes. If you are an existing user of Web Safety you can expect similar comfortability level of web filter management.

Simple to Setup

Current deployment scenario requires you to deploy a proxy and configure the client browsers to use that proxy in browser settings. This configuration is relatively straightforward and can be easily automated in any company.

Absolutely Free

Current stage of the project is beta - so we do not expect you to spend any money to try it out. We would greatly appreciate your comments on the project as it will help us make it more useful for your requirements.

Current Participation Requirements

Current stage of the project implies several limitations.

Business Representation

The Cloud Proxy Project is targeted for small business owners and IT companies that need to quickly deploy and manage a web filtering solution in the cloud either for itself or for the clients.

Targeted Location

Currently we only recommend to take part in this project only if you represent the EU VAT registered company in from Benelux, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Finland. This is due to the location of the underlying datacenter and network connectivity.

Static IP Address

To prevent abuse each deployed instance of the proxy limits incoming connections to designated static IP address. So, to take part in the project your company location would need to have a static public IP.