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Cloud Proxy for MSP

Deploy and manage proxy instances in the cloud for your clients in several mouse clicks.

Why use Cloud Proxy?

Fully managed web filtering solution for your clients

Easy Deployment

Deploy one Admin UI virtual appliance in your network infrastructure and plug in as many instances of proxy node as needed. Proxy nodes can be deployed anywhere.

Fully Managed

Manage each proxy node from the same Admin UI in the browser. No advanced admin skills are required. Each proxy node will automatically sync its configuration from the Admin UI.

Minimal Efforts

Everyone with simple admin skills can now deploy a proxy instance. Administrative efforts for you as IT business owner is minimal. You can service more of your clients with no additional efforts from your side.

Based on Web Safety

Our proved and time-tested web filtering solution is used as a proxy node. If you are an existing user of Web Safety you can expect similar level of web filtering and ease of management.

Simple to Setup

Typical deployment scenario requires you to deploy a proxy node and configure clients to use that proxy node in browser settings. This approach is relatively straightforward and can be easily automated in any company.

Absolutely Free

Current stage of the project is beta - so we do not expect you to spend any money to try it out. We would greatly appreciate your comments on the project as it will help us make it more useful for your requirements.